Soil Water Engineering

This Department deals with technological problems related to soil and water, water use, water conservation, water quality, soil conservation, hydraulic grade stabilization, design of structures for flood water routing, culvert design, design of waterways and agricultural reservoirs, stream bank protection, groundwater flow, surface water modeling, soil and water conservation measures, irrigation and drainage, water management, and practical importance of soil-plant-water relationships to agriculture.

The department offers courses related to Surveying and leveling, Engineering Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Principles of fluid mechanics and open channel flow hydraulics, Strength of Materials, Ground Water Hydrology, Wells and Pumps, Soil Mechanics, Irrigation Engineering, Surface Water Hydrology and Watershed Management, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Theory of Structures, Micro Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Drainage Engineering, Design and Costing of Soil Water Conservation and Irrigation Structures, Advances in Micro Irrigation Systems Planning, Watershed Planning and Management, Micro Irrigation and Command Area Development, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Natural Resources Management, Optimization, Operations Research and Systems Engineering, Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Environmental Engineering and also hydrologic modeling of small watersheds for erosion predictions and other phenomena related to water and energy exchange between the land surface and the atmosphere for use in weather and climate prediction

  • Opportunities
  • Project officer in Rural Development
  • Sales and design engineer in different Drip and Sprinkler related companies
  • Soil conservation Assistant in Watershed projects