Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Statistics and Mathematics

Statistics and mathematics has important and interesting interfaces with agriculture including genetics and breading of crop plants and animals.

The department of Statistics and Mathematics came into existence since 1977. The Department offers Mathematics, Statistics and Computer courses for all the UG, PG and Doctoral Programs. In UG programme the department is offering two courses for B. Sc (Ag) with 4 credits, Two courses for B.Tech Food Science & Technology with 5 credits and one course for B. Tech. (Ag. Engineering) with 3 credits. The department started its Masters Degree ( Agricultural Statistics) in the year 2010 with two seats. In addition to PG Programme, it is offering 6 service courses to other PG/ Ph.D departments. The computer courses also being offering by this Department.

In almost all the PG and PhD research programmes the faculty of the department are members of the advisory committee and guidance is being provided in the planning and data analysis of the Research Experiments. The department is endowed with several statistical softwares like SAS, Windostat, Sys-Stat, Mstat, Design etc., for data analysis.

B.Tech(Agricultural) Courses

Engineering Mathematics -I : Engineering Calculus

Engineering Mathematics -II : Engineering Differential Equations

Engineering Mathematics -III : Statistical Methods and Numerical Analysis

Engineering Mathematics -IV : Optimization, Operation Research and System Engineering