Agro Energy

Besides the knowledge about Farm Machinery and Soil and Water Engineering subjects, an Agricultural Engineer shall also have the knowledge about various forms of energy on the farm. Study of water power, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, tidal energy, geothermal energy and their applications are important as the fossil fuels era is going to an end in another 50 years of time. Solar and wind energy option has been identified as one of the promising alternative energy sources for the future. Therefore, the design of various devices, for collection and storage of solar and wind energy, bio-gas and other alternatives sources of energy sources are to be taught to the students. The department of Agro-energy is offering various courses covering these topics for the benefit of B.Tech (Ag.Engg) students.

Courses offered by the Department:

  1. Renewable Energy Sources
  2. Agro- Industries and By-Product Utilization

Carrier opportunities:

The importance of alternative energy sources has been recognized due to depletion of conventional energy sources. The government has been initiating some projects on renewable energy. Number of private companies is also emerging which results good placements in energy sectors.