Agricultural Structures

An agricultural engineer is required to design and execute some structures related to Irrigation and Drainage aspects in the agricultural fields and related to Agricultural Process and Food Engineering for proper storage and processing and value addition of agricultural and horticultural products. Hence, an Agricultural Engineer shall also have the knowledge about design and construction of various storage structures, farm buildings, strength of materials, bearing capacity of soils, stability of slopes and embankments and retaining walls etc. The department of Agricultural Structures is dealing these subjects to undergraduate level students. The department is dealing with topics like engineering, mechanics, engineering materials, design of RCC slabs, beams, columns, design of vessels, riveted and welded joints, trusses, soil strength and its bearing capacity, stability of slopes and retaining walls, earthen embankments, design of soil conservation and irrigation structures etc which are very important for an Agricultural Engineer.Courses offered by the Department:

  • Poly House Technology
  • Design and costing of soil water conservation and Irrigation structures
  • Agricultural Structures
  • Drying and Storage Engineering

Carrier opportunities:There is provision for pursuing P.G in Agricultural Structures after that chance of getting jobs in academic sector.Carrier opportunities in Design and construction of Agricultural and irrigation structures Carrier opportunities to work in NGOs