Agricultural Process and Food Engineering

Agricultural Processing is an activity which is performed to maintain or improve the quality or to change the form or characteristics of an agricultural Product. The main purpose of agricultural processing is to minimize the qualitative and quantitative deterioration of the material after harvesting of crop.

Agricultural Processing operations are carried out on various crops after harvesting such as cleaning, sorting, grading, separation, drying, freezing, storage, parboiling, milling, size reduction, expelling, mixing, blending, packaging etc.

Food Engineering is the application of engineering principles to storage, processing and distribution of all food materials and their bio-products. It deals about design of processing, handling, packaging and storage equipments and systems.

Courses Offered

Crop Process Engineering, Dairy and Food Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Engineering Properties of Biological materials and Food Quality, Process Engineering for Agricultural Produce and Process Engineering for Horticultural produce, Heat and Mass Transfer, Food Packaging Technology, Food Process Plant Design and Layout.


Students can opt for Higher Studies in Post Graduation level in the disciplines of Post Harvest Engineering, Dairy and Food Engineering, Dairy Technology and Food Technology

Plenty of opportunities in Agro processing Industries like Rice Milling Industries, Wheat Milling Industries, Seed Processing Industries etc

Opportunities in Food Processing Industries like Heritage Foods, HRS Process Systems, Delmonte, Field Fresh Foods Pvt Ltd, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd, Thirumala Milk Products Pvt Ltd, Srini Food Park Pvt Ltd, Tetra Pak India Pvt Ltd etc.